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Polis Ceramics: digitalization project given the go ahead with Movicon.NExT

Polis Cermamics, from Bonden di Gonzaga in Northern Italy, has gone ahead with a project that will lead to the realization of global supervision of their factory. The modern and dynamic company aims to use this system to optimize productivity by analyzing collected data. Their search for a method to create an Industry 4.0 project concluded by choosing Progea’s Movicon.NExT after carrying out research on other SCADA product offerings on the market. Their choice lay in this supervision system for its ability to exchange information between the different field devices and business managerial systems, provide control and remote control management functionalities. Importantly, it also allows the company to perform analysis on their factory productivity and energy efficiency whereby each production process is qualified and documented to the connected business information system. By using this information, they are then able to detect and remove weak points with the aim to improve the whole running of their factory and maintenance planning as well as reduce downtimes and increase their competitiveness. The supervisory’s home page shows an overview status of the factory’s three production lines and the machines involved. Each machine has a dedicated window, which can be accessed for viewing sensitive production data, consulting real time trends and setting process variables. The Pro.Lean function module calculates and displays the KPI, OEE and Downtime productivity indicators in real-time. All the data collected from the field are recorded and stored on database where is made available to the IT department to analyze and improve productivity efficiency.
After having been chosen by other large ceramic groups, the technology deployed in the field by Progea is proving to be the most convenient and most suitable for ambitious projects like this one.

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