Software Technology for Energy Efficiency

Pro.Energy © is the ideal software solution for any Energy Efficiency policy for collecting, visualizing and analyzing energy consumption data. It allows you to reduce your company’s energy bills thus reduce its carbon footprint and increase its competitiveness.


Implementing energy management systems is even more important than ever in today’s world to help reach goals to become more efficient and reduce energy consumption that take up a large percentage of company running and building management costs. Pro.Energy© aids Energy Managers and users in analyzing company consumption in order to manage energy more efficiently through valid decision-making strategies.

What the advantages of using this product?

This software has been purposely designed to collect and control energy consumption data that guide companies in improving energy efficiency and reducing energy bills and carbon footprint.

Simple, fast and cost-effective, veloce,

Pro.Energy© is designed for simplicity and speed. It is an all-inclusive software with ready-to-use functions and features. It comes with installation wizards that automatically create your monitoring projects just the way you need them with SQL Server calculation database, dashboards and energy analysis reports included. The configuration wizard allows you to select field variables and automatically create data collection databases. It will only take a few clicks to create and configure your energy consumption analysis project

Connectivity and
Data Acquisition

The Pro.Energy© architecture integrates the Movicon connectivity technology allowing you to connect to any measuring device, network analyzer, multimeter, counter, PLC and others. Drivers, such as Modbus, BacNet and many others are ready for use and simple to configure. Pro.Energy© also consents IIoT connectivity using specific protocols.

and Integration

Pro.Energy© is a Movicon.NExT functional module offering you the maximum openness to supervision, alarm and notification, and control logic for energy load unlatching, client modular architecture, server and web access integration. Transform your energy monitoring system into a real supervisor by integrating the powerful Movicon functions and features.

Why Pro.Energy?


Energy Performance Indicators

Pro.Energy© offers the use of integrated analysis tools, based on all-inclusive and ready-to-use reports, charts and tables. The Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) are essential to effective consumption analysis. They are the only means to obtain efficient energy use by reducing or removing the waste detected through analysis. Pro.Energy© collects all energy vector data, stores them on database to analyze with ready-to-use reports, charts and tables that can be customized as needed by using simple and reliable technology. In addition to recording real energy measurements, the system also allows virtual measurements to be recorded as freely defined by the user. This will allow you to run comparisons between real behavior and virtue measurements or use the virtual measurements to manage and distribute energy logic groups, for example by summing up specific meters. Energy Managers and operators will be able to obtain sophisticated and powerful analytical reports containing all the information they need to quickly detect and remove waste.

Energy Certifications

Pro.Energy© is a complete, flexible and comprehensible solution to use for certifying your energy consumptions. The need to reduce energy consumption does not only affect high energy user companies. Today many other companies are paying much more attention to reducing energy consumption as well due to the fact that energy use has the greatest impact on company running costs. By becoming energy efficient, the company not only saves on bills but also takes on a crucial role in rationalizing energy in general as part of an ethical principle of eco-sustainability that will benefit the company’s image. These are not the only reasons why monitoring energy makes good sense. Companies who actually monitor their energy consumptions can also obtain access to government and energy company incentives. Therefore, energy efficiency is a very cost-effective investment all round. In addition, stringent norms now penalize high energy user companies obliging them to adopt the appropriate tools to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions.

Pro.Energy© is a simple and effective solution

Pro.Energy© makes plants run more efficiently by detecting the Key Indicators (EnPIs) that consent to reducing consumptions and increasing profits.


The Pro. Energy© module displays collected real-time data on dashboards. The dashboard graphics are pleasant to look at and display indicators and operating statuses in the most transparent way possible. The graphical interface is also Web-based allowing operators to easily control production processes whenever and from wherever they happen to be. The dashboard interface has been designed based on modern ergonomics. It can also be completely customized as needed by integrating the most advanced management and command functions to make the module function as a supervisor to all effect.

Meters and Measures

Pro.Energy© allows you to create measurements resulted from different meters, and obtain reports and charts based on the logic grouping desired. Virtue Measurements can also be freely defined by the user with measurements and calculations or mathematical formula combinations. These theoretical or virtual energy consumption values are essential when needing to make analytical comparisons with real measurements.

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