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Pro.Lean© collects all  your production data to calculate your productivity performance indexes using KPI and OEE to identify  and measure all production Downtimes.

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By deploying Pro.Lean© you will be able to communicate with any field system or device, collect and record data on database to analyse the Key Performance Indicators (KPI), calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and measure Downtimes with the aim to reduce loss and maximize profits. 
As an option, Pro.Lean© also allows you to integrate production line and plant supervision with a quick return on investments. 
Pro.Lean© is a simple and effective solution based on reliable, open and flexible technology. 

What are the advantages of using this product?

The lean manufacturing and plant intelligence software solution to improve productivity, reduce loss and increase profits.

Simple, fast and
cost effective

Pro.Lean© has been designed to be simple and fast. All- inclusive and ready- to- use with installation providing wizards to automatically create your monitoring projects with SQL Server calculation database, dashboards and production analysis reports included. Use the configuration Wizard to select field variables and automatic creation of data collection databases. Analysis project configured in just a few clicks.

and Data Acquisition

The Pro.Lean© architecture features the Movicon connectivity technology that allows you to connect to any automation device installed on the production line or machine such as PLC, CNC, PAC, distributed I/O, field bus, HMI, SCADA or other. Integrated Drivers are ready for use and simple to configure. The system also consents IIoT connectivity using specific protocols.

and Integration

Pro.Lean© is a Movicon.NExT function module that gives you maximum openness to integrate supervision functions of facility layout, details with machine data, alarms and notifications, normal to complex production analysis management, product data and energy consumption cross referencing.
It also provides you with modular client, server and web access architecture. By integrating the powerful Movicon features and functions will transform your productivity monitoring system into a real and proper factory supervisory system.

Open and customizable OEE, KPI and Downtime Analysis Modules.

The OEE, KPI and Downtime analysis modules offer simple and effective solutions to have all production data measurements in a practical, fast and open way. Reports, tables and graphs allow you to fully analyze the production, with the possibility of printing and exporting the data represented. All data are managed in a customizable architecture.

Why Pro.Lean?

Productivity Data Dashboards

The Pro.Lean© module displays collected data on dashboards in real-time. The dashboard graphics are pleasant to look at and show indicators and operating status in the most transparent way possible. Operators can easily control production processes at any time and place thanks to the graphical interface’s Web feature. The dashboard interface has been designed according to the demands of modern ergonomics. However, it can be completely customized as needed by integrating the most advanced management and command functions to transform the module to function as a supervisor to all effect. The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) indicators are recognized as the most effective key indicators for measuring the overall plant efficiency. The aim of the OEE is to maximize sales by increasing productivity in three areas: availability, performance and quality.

Performances, OEE, KPI

Pro.Lean© is the most simple and cost affordable solution to use to manage flows of information deriving from production lines.
Bases on tried and tested Industrial Connectivity and Data Collection technology proposed by Progea with their Movicon product for many years, the Pro.Lean© module displays the key indicaiors in real-time (KPI, OEE) and Reports to analyze data collected and archived by date, shift, operator, machine, product and batch. Thanks to the Pro.Lean© solution, manufacturing companies can finally get to know the real productive capacity of their systems, production lines and machinery. They will get the possibility to easily identity criticalities and imperfections and be provided with information they need to improve overall efficiency.

DownTime Analysis

The DownTime analysis module is used to display data statistics concerning production downtimes and graphically indicate classifications by putting the data in order of duration or frequency and showing the values retrieved from the historical log and represent them graphically using different filters such as by period, batch, shift and operator. The graphical representations can be displayed in a meaningful way by using histograms or overlapping statistical curves and printed. In addition to statistical calculations and graphical representations, the system also allows summary tables to be displayed showing all filtered data in detailed report format.

Empower your factory
with greater efficiency

By collecting real-time production data for OEE, KPI and Downtime analysis to
reduce loss and increase profits

Web Architecture

Pro.Lean © offers dashboards with local and web-based realtime and Report measurements, and allows access to data on the server via internet browsers. The performance and security of the HTML5 standard guarantee cost reduction and maintenance.

Integrated connectivity
with Movicon™

In addition to interfacing with any supervisor, Pro.Lean © offers great advantages in the integration and connectivity with the Movicon.NExT Scada/HMI systems.

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