A strategic partner

Emerson produces future-proof automation SCADA software that customers can rely on.


Emerson’s mission is to think, develop and produce software products based on standard, open, simple and flexible architectures that guarantee customer satisfaction and success with their automation applications. The Emerson SCADA platform is future-oriented, open, scalable and integrable in any other system. Due to their vast experience in research and development in automation applications since 1990, Emerson is today capable of satisfying the most demanding application needs by offering an automation software suite based on the most advanced software technologies. Emerson provides first class technical services and assistance in Italy and abroad.

Research & Development

Finding innovative ways to promote constant evolution is the basis of Emerson’s business strategy plan. It has been proven that the market responds quickly to those committed to innovating current technological trends with evolutional ones. Furthermore, full recognition is given to those companies that offer the best product in line with evolving trends in the world of factory applied information technology. To ensure that customers get the very best, Emerson are completely committed to research and development in which they invest over 30% of their resources.

As a result of their continuous efforts, they have been accredited by the MUIR research laboratories (Ministry of Education and University Research in Italy) and their products and technology know-how are used as part of the Computer Science curriculum in institutes for higher education throughout Italy.


Emerson embraces and promotes an international culture of innovation and quality, creativity and excellence in the continuous development and improvement of innovative software technologies, cooperate management, customer support, sales and services.
We are a friendly and flexible team highly motivated and oriented towards the everyday challenges of technological development.
Challenges that demand close teamwork and new ideas which form the basis of our innovation policy.
Our team is considered a model of excellence and a benchmark that defines new targets to aspire to in the industrial automation SCADA software sector.

Compliance with
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Data security and
privacy protection

Protection and correct
use of company assets

Implementation of
quality policy

Respect to human
through correct
corporate management

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Quality, accreditations and certifications

The Quality System Management certification according to the ISO 9001 standard obtained in 2001 constitutes the best applied quality guarantee to protect customer interests.

Emerson has been managing its business processes in accordance with the UNI-EN ISO 9001:2015 quality normative, with TÜV system certification since 2001. Starting from the development phase to the production phase and right through to technical assistance, every stage of the company go through rigorous testing and safety procedures to guarantee reliability, efficiency and safety of all their products to the expectations of the customer.