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Building Automation with Movicon

28 March 2019

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A single SCADA platform for building management

Integrated building management systems require a control system which the operator can use to control the various systems installed in the building for illumination, air conditioning, security, energy, access control, maintenance and other auxiliary services.™ is the ideal SCADA solution for creating Building Automation projects.
It is a scalable, flexible and simple-to-use platform that can be used to develop small projects and large buildings and infrastructures. The platform is equipped with all the field protocols needed to communicate with the various building systems so that they can be monitored and controlled with the one all-inclusive supervision software. The platform comes with a web client and can manage remote control instruments, electric, gas and water meters. It also comes with the use of GeoScada and Augmented Reality functions.

Multitouch and XAML: the new™ graphics

Progea has invested a significant amount of its resources in this™ edition. The Progea graphics and design engineers have completely redesigned the software’s symbol libraries and object toolbox so that it is now complete with vector graphics and symbols of excellent quality. A great number of static and dynamic symbols and a toolbox of ready-to-use graphical objects, including a variety of complex ones, together with a powerful inbuilt WPF vector graphics editor permit users to express their creativity to the full aided with a variety of design techniques such as transparency, fading, gradients, shadow effects and much more. The new version is completely open to customization with BMP, GIF, PNG or JPG, multimedia formats and Power Template technology. Screen graphics are completely independent from device and screen resolutions. Touchscreen, multitouch and multimonitor are all supported as well.


In addition to the Graphics Editor and the ready-to-use objects in the™ libraries, the platform gives design engineers ample freedom for expression when using XAML to generate new symbols and objects using external graphics tools such as Expression Blend or Adobe Illustrator.™ has been designed on simplicity-of-use criteria. It comes complete with extensive documentation and a website containing a rich source of information and examples to make project developing much easier and less time consuming.

Field system connectivity for Building Automation™ is based on the Progea’s modern Automation Platform.NExT platform, an innovative software solution that integrates technology such as .NET, OPC UA, WPF and HTML5. Its openness and series of communication drivers connects control buses, lights, heating and HVAC systems, security and access control systems, video surveillance, energy saving systems and any other device normally used in managing buildings within just the one application.

Specifically,™ can connect to various buses, such as Konnex/EIB, LON, BACNet, Modbus and DALI, and access control, burglar and fire alarm systems (i.e. Notifier and other), energy systems with Modbus interface and much more. CCTV and IP Video Cameras can also be integrated effortlessly using the same software allows user free to choose the most appropriate architecture based on their needs. Ultimately, the platform also offers full support to the OPC UA technology (IEC 62541 standard), both as Client and Server.

Alarms, Reports, Analysis and Web for meticulous supervision even at a distance.

As with Movicon.NExT, the BA version has a powerful integrated solution for notifying events so that on call duty staff can be informed the instance a malfunction occurs (configurable alarms and events). The Alarm Dispatcher sends alert messages by SMS, Email, VOIP and Telegram. This ensures that all the building systems are kept under constant control to allow operators to intervene, when need be, by remote control and over the web to reduce downtimes and optimize costs. Remaining on the subject of Alarm management,™ has an indispensable tool for system maintenance managers to use. Alarm analysis allows managers to quickly detect any critical points in the building that need attending to in order to obtain maximum system efficiency and productivity. Without this information it will be difficult to improve building management efficiency.
The™ Downtime Analysis module is extremely simple to use and offers a powerful tool for analyzing events and downtimes with reports on total or partial downtimes, or the frequency with which events occurred in the system. Information can be displayed in tables, pie charts or histograms listing alarm occurrences within the desired time range and their classifications by ‘Duration’, which represents the total time of all occurrences of the same type, or by ‘Frequency’, which represents the total number of occurrences of the same type. The Reports can be displayed and printed as pleased, on command or on event, exported in various formats (Excel, PDF, HTML). They provide all the detailed information of each individual alarm analyzed. The Downtime Analysis module is also accessible over the Web.

This application runs in any type of Desktop PC, Embedded or Mobile architecture with the possibility to access the system with any browser using the HTML5 technology or App for Smartphones or Tablets.

The advantages of using the™ SCADA platform

In summary, thanks to the™ technology, users will be able to manage all the systems in the entire building by integrating them into one unique control and supervision center. This carries enormous advantages in terms of integration, simplicity and efficiency. In addition, as a modular and scalable platform, the end user can choose to start off with a small project and eventually integrate all the building’s management and control systems later on.

Progea’s technicians and sales reps are always available to advise and assist those who need to create a project. Progea offers free consultancy services to support customers, whether system integrators or end users. Training courses are held via Webinar each month and can be tailor made customer needs. Progea is always in close contact with their system integrators and works at their side throughout each project phase, from analysis to startup, ensuring quick and effective assistance. The Progea website offers white papers, case histories and a Knowledge Base page. What’s more, the development environment demo can also be downloaded for free from the download section to let potential customers see how the product works by trying it out for themselves to create a new project.

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