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Let’s talk about Energy Efficiency

18 December 2018

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Energy consumption: how to cut down

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Running alongside productivity efficiency is an ever increasing concern for energy and is an integral part for managing production cost.

Why monitor energy consumptions?

The enforcement of even more stringent norms is leading companies to adopt new energy efficiency standards, such as the most recent ISO-50001 norm, relating to Energy Management standard, or EN-15232 that categorizes energy into different classes. Considering how much energy effects company running costs, adopting the new energy standards helps pollute less and cut down on energy bills. It is for this reason that energy management systems are being more and more implemented to improve efficiency in order to reduce energy consumptions that take up a very significant percentage of company production and building management costs.  A constant monitoring of consumptions helps Energy Managers or anyone else within the company in charge of analyzing consumptions and managing energy efficiency with the support of valid decision making.

What is Pro.Energy© for?

When developing this module Progea wanted to offer a solution for monitoring and optimizing energy efficiency that was easy to apply and customizable.  This tool consents companies to reduce energy costs by using energy consumption analysis and introducing efficiency concepts to obtain a considerable return economically and reduce environmental impact.  The Movicon.NExT function module is used to connect to different types of meters applied to various energy carriers, measure consumptions in real-time, record them on database in order to analyze the Energy Key Performance Indicators (EnKPI), by analytically calculating each type of energy consumption.  The main objective is to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency with a rapid return in investment.  By monitoring energy consumptions in real-time, you will be able to intervene in those areas where energy waste or overload is detected.

How does Pro.Energy© work?


Pro.Energy© is designed for simplicity and speed.  It comes ready-to-use and installation is easy with Wizards that automatically create monitoring projects along with the Database SQL Server to calculate consumptions, energy analysis reports and dashboards.  The configuration Wizard allows you to easily select field variables and automatically created Databases for collecting and storing data.  Analysis Dashboards can also be created within a few clicks.

Energy Analysis projects can be created within a few hours using a fast performing configuration Wizard that guides users throughout the data association procedures and the automatic creation of databases. This is a solution that is fully open to any needs-based customization, whether in field communications, visualizing measures or analytical Reports.  Purpose-built ODBC connectors consent bidirectional connectivity with managerial systems so that MES solutions can be easily created to cross reference energy consumption data with production data.  Therefore, energy consumption can be calucalated with reference to production batches and as a consequence also to each single piece.


Progea’s license policy permits modules to be purchased separately and according to the size of the project’s effective needs.  As always, customers get to save in development time and license costs.

For further information, please download the white paper on the ISO 50001 Normative

Mauro Brandoli

Key Accounts Manager Progea srl

Key Accout Progea srl

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