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Let’s talk about Productivity and Energy Efficiency

11 December 2018

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  • How to use Progea’s Pro.Lean and Pro.Energy modules

First Part

Having the right information on how the production process is performing in real time is essential for quick decision making parameter modifications to improve productivity.   Malfunctions, downtimes and rejects all reduce production line efficiency that inevitably cause significant economic losses for the company.

The only way to obtain productivity efficiency is by measuring.  The starting point to improve efficiency is to measure and find out your production’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI).  Only with real-time information   can you discover where your inefficiencies are and implement countermeasures to remove them.  Progea offers the Pro.Lean© module as the ideal tool to gain complete control of your productivity performances.

What are OEE and KPI??

OEE is an acronym for Overall Equipment Effectiveness and is considered to be universally the most simple and best efficiency indicator tool generated by the KPI which determines the three key production factors that are Availability (time), Performance (quantity) and Quality (rejects).  The OEE is simple and practical.  It is based on the most important and common information relating to productivity loss which is classified in three categories associable with accurate measurable metrics to offer an excellent indicator to measure how your productivity is performing and how to improve it.


The OEE analysis starts with the Plant Operating Time factor.  This value indicates how much time the facility would normally have available for production.  Any downtimes, when nothing is being produced due to the above mentioned reasons or for scheduling downtimes, lunch breaks, shifts, programmed maintenance, bank holidays and weekends for example, are subtracted from this time.  The remaining time is referred to as Planned Production Time. This time is used to calculate what the production losses are for unscheduled downtimes, based on production speed or waste, with the aim to detect and remove the causes of these inefficiencies.  There are three loss categories to consider:

  • Loss for Unscheduled Machine Downtimes
  • Loss for low speed
  • Loss for rejects


The three Key Performance Indicators

There are three Key Performance Indicators are used to measure productivity efficiency:

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality


These are the three fundamental factors that influence the overall productivity efficiency.  The accuracy of the OEE value depends on a consistent collection of production data that must be completely automatic and done in real-time.  Without accurate and punctual production data measurements, it is practically impossible to ascertain which interventions must be undertaken to improve and make the production process more efficient.  It is exactly for this that Progea offers Pro.Lean©, the most simple and very affordable solution designed to manage information flows from production lines.  This information is then aggregated and displayed with great transparency and simplicity for those responsible to view and interact accordingly.  It is a tool that no company can do without and fills in the gap that too often exists between the production floor and managerial offices.

The Movicon.NExT module allows you to connect to any field device and collect all the data needed to calculate the OEE, KPI and Downtimes. Applications are developed using a Wizard to permit the aggregation of data in the most intelligent way possible for quick analysis using dashboard graphics and predisposed reports.  The module is completely configurable and also offers customers the possibility to create needs-based custom statistical charts and reports.  Furthermore, it is OPC UA standard compliant and therefore permits integration with existing third party systems.

Why use Pro.Lean©?

The advantage of being based on the Movicon.NExT technology is that you get maximum openness to system customization and expansion by integrating any data collection system to allow you to detect any causes of downtimes to be manually remedied using local touch screens.  Pro.Lean© is very affordable and easy to install.  It is a fundamental tool for all manufacturing companies that wish to improve their performances with a fast return on minimum investments made and increased profits.

With a few quick and simple steps the wizard creates screens with OEE and KPI referring to availability, efficiency and quality as well as detailed analytics reports.  The resulting screens can be customized and expanded via web. The system’s configuration is simple and automatic and does not require any programming to associate data or create databases.  In this way, Efficiency Analysis projects can be created within a few hours with immediate effect.  In addition, the solution is open to any customization that may be needed for field communications, displaying measures or Reports.


In the next article we will talk about the module used for monitoring energy efficiency.
For further information on OEE download the white paper

Mauro Brandoli

Key Accout Progea srl

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