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Movicon WebHMI: the evolution for Human Machine Interface software

7 May 2020

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As promised: 2020 is the year of great new things for Progea who, after great efforts made throughout the last few years, are ready to launch the new Movicon NExT 4.0 platform.
Included with the many new features we would like to draw your attention to is the new WebHMI technology which has been added to expand the platform’s scalability towards limits never before reached by just using one SCADA/HMI platform only.
In fact, the new 4.0 version can be used to create visualization projects that can be run on SCADA workstations, with WPF Client and on small HMI panels, including Linux, as Web HMI.
In line with Progea’s goals, aims to ensure users the use of one product only and one platform only to create any type of SCADA/HMI application, from the control room of the most complex production plants to the smallest production machine HMI panel with the advantage of data integration, project re-usability, scalability and flexibility that will enable a significant save in running costs.

The solution integrated in Movicon.NExT technology to create web and cross-platform HMI applications, based on Web Server technology, 100% independent of hardware and operating system, scalable and modern.

This WebHMI technology has a two-in-one function typology: it can be used as a stand-alone HMI product running projects created with Movicon.NExT 4.0 on Windows or Linux operator panels to function as a local I/O Data Server, or as a SVG Web Client of Movicon.NExT SCADA applications as an alternative to the already existing WPF Web Client technology.

In the first case, which carries a low-cost licensing policy and target agreements with HMI panel hardware producers, allows you to use the WebHMI product as a I/O Server and WebHMI locally or distributed. In the second case, the Movicon.NExT Web access option provides the possibility to extend and amplify its functionality by adding APPs and traditional WPF Web Clients. This has made it possible for Progea to expand on the choices users have by adding the possibility to use stand-alone Web HMI solutions.

This technology completes the roadmap that aimed to offer alternative solutions to HMI application based on Windows CE, such was the case with Movicon 11.

Therefore, Movicon.NExT 4.0 is a new generation platform that is more flexible and scalable than Movicon 11 with the ability to create even more complex SCADA applications and micro HMI application for entry level Linux-based panels at the same time. To ensure Cross-Platform, all the graphical objects and symbols automatically convert from WPF/XAML to SVG in a way that is transparent to the user during project deployment. In order to ensure portability and performances, the WebHMI uses a SVG-based graphics engine and manages the loading of animation on the on the Client side contrary to the WPF Client which creates Client instances on the Server. The Web visualization technology is still based on HTML5 to ensure the continuous use of standards and support to any browser.

Project management is extremely simple on both Windows and Linux panels. An appropriate tool manager installs the I/O Server side if required and the Web Server.

The project deploy function transfers files and already converted Screens in SVG to the panel and any else that is needed to for the project to function in runtime.
Naturally, like any Web technology, the WebHMI project can be accessed locally, by remote control and from mobile devices. Real-time data communication (e.g PLC) is performed using the main Movicon communication drivers as well as a OPC Stack specifically created for .NET Core systems, such as Linux. This is also used to manage alarms, historical trends, logic, recipes, reports, schedulers and everything else needed for HMI
In addition, as if this were not enough, WebHMI offers the possibility to integrate the Cognitive Augmented Reality management, for example in mobile applications, and interactive geo-location in maps.

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