Movicon Solution Providers:

  • The Solution Provider will guarantee the professionalism of the services provided to applicants for information and consultancy regarding the Movicon software product.
  • The Solution Provider will protect the good name of the Movicon product and its producer, Progea.
  • The Solution Provider is authorized by the producer, Progea, to use the Movicon and Progea names at their discretion. This also includes for marketing purposes providing they remain within the limits set by the other points of this certification.
  • The Solution Provider will supply companies with all relevant technical information and quotes regarding applications within the maximum of 10 days.
  • Should the Solution Provider be unable or unwilling to respond to an application, they must notify Progea immediately and submit the applicant’s data to their attention.
  • The Solution Provider agrees that Progea is in no circumstances liable for problems deriving from relations between applicant companies and the Solution Provider, even if the problem should be attributable to the Movicon product. In such cases the terms of the product user license should be referred to.
  • The Solution Provider authorizes Progea to include their name in the list of certified companies which Progea will disclose to any applicant who request it, and which may be published at Progea’s discretion by any means Progea deems suitable, to which the certified company may make no objection or claim. The authorization to publish personal and other data is in compliance with the provisions of Italian Law 675/97.
  • The Solution Provider will have access to the Movicon product according to terms and conditions established by Progea, or an official distributor, for their benefit. These terms and conditions are more advantageous than the standard ones and will be based on the type of collaboration the Solution Provider has with Progea or purchase program type.
  • Progea reserves the right to annul the Solution Provider’s certification at its own incontestable discretion whenever deemed necessary. The same applies to the Solution Provider who may withdraw their participation in the program whenever deemed necessary by submitting a request to do so. The revocation must be notified in writing by the interested party.
  • The Solution Provider will make all attempts to be kept updated on product developments and adhere to any updating initiatives promoted by Progea, in accordance with the modality and times notified at least 30 days in advance.

Once awarded with certification, Progea authorizes the certified company to provide support, consultancy and project design engineering of the Movicon software product when requested by their end user clients. Progea also authorizes the certified company to use their product brand name with their company name.
The awarded certification is valid for the duration of 1 year and is subject to compliance with the following terms and conditions:
To obtain certification, the applicant must demonstrate at least two significant applications developed with Movicon which will be examined by the Progea technicians under conditions of non-disclosure.

Further requirements:

  • Applicant must have Movicon system know-how and attend at least a one day training course held by Progea or provide two significant references as an alternative.
  • Applicant must have an activated Support contract
  • Applicant must complete at least 3 significant applications a year
  • Applicant must have a Developer License.

As a secondary requirement, the company must demonstrate its technical competency in the following areas:

  • Design engineering skills within the SCADA object-oriented graphics environment.
  • Familiarity with Windows XP/Vista or Windows CE.
  • Knowledge of PLC instruction list language or VBA / VB.NET.
  • Knowledge of ODBC, OLE, C/C++ Language or Visual Basic.

  • Progea reserves the right to annul the nominated certified “Solution Provider” company at any time at its own incontestable discretion, in the event of not fulfilling the condition to adhere to initiatives promoted by Progea.
  • The revocation will be notified by fax.
  • The Solution Provider may withdraw its participation in the program at any time by notifying Progea by fax. Their corresponding form will be removed from the next catalogue issue.
  • Movicon Solution Providers will receive a certificate and a qualification logo (valid for one year) to use in their own marketing documentation for the uses envisaged by established legislation. Dates of technical update courses will be notified by fax at least 30 days in advance.
  • The certification is valid for 1 year and must be renewed by the company once they have satisfied the conditions for renewal.

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