Historian & Reporting

Historian and Data Logger software

Progea offers solutions for data collection, traceability, DB archive and Cloud management.

Safe solutions for your data.

Due to the modularity of its software products, Progea is able to offer solutions for all those requiring communications, data collection, database and Cloud archive management.
The Historian and Data Logger solutions require the availability of Data Server applications capable of collecting and saving all data from the field in one or more local, network-based or Cloud-based databases for subsequent access by corporate IT systems to process and analyze.
The Historian and Data Logger applications do not require a Client for the user interface, as they are often run as Windows Services on server stations that are potentially inaccessible to users.
Therefore, Progea offers Data Server products that ensure real-time access and communication with field devices secured with redundancy features to ensure complete reliability and database archive availability to the IT community.




Movicon fires up the engine

Tata Cummins Pvt. Ltd. has chosen Movicon to control the Engine Line Manufacturing.

Building Automation

Movicon, the Chain Stores' Supervision

Bennet SpA has chosen the Movicon SCADA by Progea for the supervision of the lighting system in its superstores located throughout Italy.


The ideal supervision solution for
sustainable energy of large photovoltaic parks

Movicon.NExT from Progea was chosen for the revamping of the systems of supervision of photovoltaic fields

Food & Beverage

Two hundred million pizza crusts produced
a year with the help of Movicon.NExT

TNT Crust has chosen Movicon.NExT ™ by Progea for the supervision of its refrigerated and frozen pizza crusts system.


Seoul Metro joins the green approach.

The SCADA Movicon.NExT by Progea has been chosen for the improvement of energy efficiency of the Seoul subway network in South Korea.


SCADA Movicon helps to relax

Movicon has been chosen for the supervision of the production plant of a famous bathroom sanitary ceramic company in Turkey.

Oil & Gas, Production Process

Production Supervision

Prati-Donaduzzi is a major Brazilian pharmaceutical company and is the biggest manufacturer of generic drugs.

Special Applications

Uniproget, Bridge supervision software projects
developed with Progea’s Movicon platform

Uniproget uses Progea’s Movicon 11 version SCADA when it comes to design engineering supervision projects that require top quality graphics and connectivity towards a diverse range of devices.

Water and Wastewater

Istanbul chooses Movicon
for water purification

25% of Istanbul's drinking water is managed by a SCADA central command system. Movicon allowed the staff of ISKI Kag'thane to be able to monitor in real time all the various processes and safety of the plant.


Flexible server solutions

The Progea Servers offer flexible solutions to enable:

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Field data acquisition using native Drivers for the most commonly used devices (PLC, CNC, RTU, Fieldbus, Networks).
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Complex data structure management.
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Relational database management for SQL Server (default), Oracle or MySQL.
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Functions for saving data in the Cloud using Microsoft Azure.
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Communication with other devices and applications using the integrated OPC Client and Server technology.
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Time-based, event-based or command-based data recording functions.
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Data mapping data on Historian (Time-series data) or Data Logger.
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Reliable data recording managed with integrated redundancy functions for hot backups.

Automation Platform.NExT modularity

Automation Platform.NExT is a suite of software solutions designed to meet your every automation need for Industry 4.0.

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The modular and flexible software technology of Automation Platform.NExT offers users an all-inclusive development environment to design and distribute industrial software applications and manage field communication, data collection, HMI graphical interface, supervision and much more.

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