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Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

Connect remote devices and share information using a simple and innovative Cloud platform.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT):
the future is now.

Despite a lot of talk about the Internet of things, there are only a few solutions that are really useful, cost-effective, and capable of effectively managing the integration of existing devices or new additional ones. Technology is fast evolving and to keep up with its the pace, it is essential to have flexible, scalable and easy to integrate solutions to overcome the challenges of interconnecting devices.

The Internet of Things has gone beyond the limited capacity of previous technology due to the availability of connections on public networks, such as the internet, and the availability of light bi-directional and firewall-friendly protocols. The combination of these things has created great opportunities in every sector, especially in the industrial field where data exchanged between plant devices and machinery yields great benefits, as defined by Industry 4.0.

What does a good IIoT project need?

To start with you need to have a communication strategy before going ahead with designing an IIoT project.  In order to do this, certain aspects should be taken into consideration.
When dealing with plant systems that already exist, it is more than likely that the data to be exchanged is already stored in different devices around the plant.  Therefore, you will need to know where to find these data before putting them on the Internet.  Once the data have been found, you will need to use gateways that are capable of communicating with the protocols of your existing devices so that they can be published on the internet using the appropriate IoT protocols.

Conversely, if the data you need to exchange are non-existent, you will need to create them by implementing sensors or I/O devices that are capable of directly communicating within the world of IoT or collect the physical values and publish them within the IoT environment.
If it is a simple matter of exchanging data from one device to another, you will then only need to use gateways that read and write data according to the type of operation being performed.

On the other hand, if you need to collect, monitor, historically log and process data from various devices, you will need an IoT Platform to manage the incoming data with specific tools to record them on DB or in the Cloud.  The data can then be displayed directly on dashboards and screens in real-time or manipulated with analytical tools and displayed on Reports or Charts.
Therefore, if you are planning to deploy Industrial IoT projects in your plant, the Progea technology is just what you are looking for. Our solution offerings are at the forefront of innovation and based on technologies specifically developed for the Internet of Things.





Movicon fires up the engine

Tata Cummins Pvt. Ltd. has chosen Movicon to control the Engine Line Manufacturing.

Building Automation

Movicon, the Chain Stores' Supervision

Bennet SpA has chosen the Movicon SCADA by Progea for the supervision of the lighting system in its superstores located throughout Italy.


The ideal supervision solution for
sustainable energy of large photovoltaic parks

Movicon.NExT from Progea was chosen for the revamping of the systems of supervision of photovoltaic fields

Food & Beverage

Two hundred million pizza crusts produced
a year with the help of Movicon.NExT

TNT Crust has chosen Movicon.NExT ™ by Progea for the supervision of its refrigerated and frozen pizza crusts system.


Seoul Metro joins the green approach.

The SCADA Movicon.NExT by Progea has been chosen for the improvement of energy efficiency of the Seoul subway network in South Korea.


SCADA Movicon helps to relax

Movicon has been chosen for the supervision of the production plant of a famous bathroom sanitary ceramic company in Turkey.


Production Supervision

Prati-Donaduzzi is a major Brazilian pharmaceutical company and is the biggest manufacturer of generic drugs.

Oil & Gas, Production Process
Special Applications

Uniproget, Bridge supervision software projects
developed with Progea’s Movicon platform

Uniproget uses Progea’s Movicon 11 version SCADA when it comes to design engineering supervision projects that require top quality graphics and connectivity towards a diverse range of devices.

Water and Wastewater

Istanbul chooses Movicon
for water purification

25% of Istanbul's drinking water is managed by a SCADA central command system. Movicon allowed the staff of ISKI Kag'thane to be able to monitor in real time all the various processes and safety of the plant.


More connectivity for greater efficiency

System connectivity leads to greater production efficiency:

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Real-time data collected directly from all plant production machines to obtain information on where and how to intervene when needed.
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Preventive maintenance based on the most frequent alerts with targeted maintenance prepared in advance.
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Collaborative production: machines become smarter with the capacity to inter-communicate operational needs to remove inefficiencies and waste.
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Productivity efficiency: raw materials are prepared in advance based on production consumptions.
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Energy efficiency: based on real energy consumption data, adaptions are made accordingly in relation to set functional parameters, and downtimes and uptimes.
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Technical Help and Consultancy: an excellent service for your every need.

Movicon.NExT and Connext, why?

Progea offers these two software technologies as part of a seamlessly integrated and modular ecosystem that is ideal for any type of IoT project.

Iot - Copia
Risorsa 14

The Platform.NExT technology is specifically designed to meet all the requirements of Industrial Internet of Things. It offers an ecosystem composed of a data collection platform and IoT protocols for every communication need, and which include PubNub, OPC IoT Azure and MQTT.

  • Connext is the OPC UA communication server that provides field connectivity, gateway, data collection and publication management.
  • Movicon.NExT IoT is the runtime Automation Platform.NExT designed for embedded systems, and micro and local data management applications using micro devices based on Windows 10 IoT CORE (e.g. ARM, Raspberry PI, etc.).

Connext is based on Progea’s many years of experience and expertise in industrial communication protocols and OPC UA technology. Connext is designed to provide entry level and expert users a high-performance communication solution that is completely reliable and easy to use.


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