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The Technical Support Services are reserved for customers who have a least one valid Editor License.

The Progea Technical Support Services are run by a team of highly qualified expert engineers who work alongside the Progea R&D department. The support services are regulated by a system to ensure that users get the best out of them. This system ensures that customers, the Movicon users, have full accessibility to these services and kept informed on the ongoing technical support procedures. In order for these services to function effectively and efficiently, these procedures should be respected with the full collaboration of those involved to the best interests of all.

Table of Services

Customer Service
SA Basic
Web Forum
1st Year
Web Support Portal
1st Year
“Basic” e-mail support service
1st Year
“Pro” phone support service
Remote Access support
Priority Hot Line
“Service Pack” updates
  • NO DEV = Users without development license (Editor).
  • DEV = Users with development license (Editor).
  • SA Basic = Yearly Subscription to Basic Support Service (Service Agreement SA).
  • SA Pro = Yearly Subscription to Professional Support Service(Service Agreement SA).
  • TCK = Users with Pay Per Incident ticket.

Open a Support Ticket

A Support Ticket opens a ‘case’ once the form below has been filled in and submitted.

Open “Case”

Each technical support request is traced and recorded in the Technical Support Database. Each individual problem submitted is given a Case ID number. This ID number will remain assigned to the case until resolved. A new case is opened either upon submission of a filled-in Support Request Form or over the phone (for users enabled with Hot Line access).

Assigning a “Priority”

When opening a technical support case, you must specify its urgency by selecting a priority level. This priority level will then be assessed and confirmed or changed by the Progea technical support team accordingly.

Closed “Case”

Cases will remain open until resolved. The client will be informed by e-mail when case is closed.

The Technical Support Service is available only to registered Movicon users according to the prefixed modes. The Support Ticket Service is reserved only for registered customers who own a Movicon Editor License. When you need to contact the support services call one of the phone numbers listed and quote your case ID number.