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Progea and System Integrators

25 September 2018

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Progea and System Integrators

Mutual benefits and interests

The design engineer and developer community, that uses Movicon and the Progea software products, is rapidly growing day by day and has become a very important ecosystem of System Integrators not just in Europe but, above all, all over the world as well. This is not only due to the software platform’s features and innovative technology developed by Progea, but also to the services offered stemming from marketing to consultancy and product training to technical support. Excellent Services which are greatly appreciated by user community.

With the release of Movicon.NExT, which is a true new generation platform considering the age and technological gap of the other SCADA products on the market, the System Integrators’ work has been nothing short of exceptional. Due to carefully evaluated feedback and tips, the Progea Research and Development team are able to know where improvements need to be made and evolve their software technology in alignment with effective market demands.

Information deriving from the field is important

Due to having direct contact with those who use the product in the field, manufacturing companies are able to collect data on effective production needs and pursue ways to obtain continuous improvement in order to meet customer needs, detect weak spots and add new functionalities to make the product more complete, powerful and simple-to-use. Progea is more than aware of these important factors and applies them daily as a continuous process to improve their products in compliance with the ISO9001 quality standard.

The close contact between System Integrators, technical support and the R&D department makes it possible to plan and develop improvements and adjustments to enhance the performances of not only Movicon.NExT but also of the vertical modules, such as Pro.Lean and Pro.Energy, that are developed for specific solutions.

The Movicon.NExT platform’s evolution roadmap is meticulously mapped out and the market interest and growth in turnover for this technology, in respect to the ‘classical’ technology of Movicon 11, has been quite significant.

The relationship with End Users

Today with policies boosting industrial innovation driven by the national Industry 4.0 plan, Progea’s market position is strengthened by End Users who need solutions for interconnectivity, efficiency and supervision and which are fundamental especially in the manufacturing sector. On many occasions, Progea has been asked to act as the partner and manager of 4.0 industry projects, for its expertise in this area and its ability to manage projects on an international scale for global players in the manufacturing business.

When absolutely necessary, Progea guarantees to act as a unique partner with End Users to manage their projects with subsequent development assigned to trusted System Integrators operating locally and globally. This means that once an agreement has been reached with the End User, Progea will distribute the various project activities amongst the trusted System Integrators and will supervise work until the end results to completely meet customer needs are reached.

In much the same way, System Integrators also collaborate in this ‘winning’ partnership by reporting and taking part in important promotional projects that involve joint analysis and activities to create mutual opportunities to present the software technology and establish ways to create new users for the benefit of the entire Progea ecosystem.

The importance of Marketing

System Integrators are an essential resource for Progea in terms of product and market development. Collaboration and information sharing are necessary to promote the Progea brand name and those in partnership with this company from Modena and boost the growth exponentially of the Movicon software platforms on the global market.

Progea’s Marketing department continuously collaborates with System Integrators for news on new installations and Case Histories. The news is processed and goes viral through the relevant social media channels and published in professional journals to increase the awareness of Progea’s success.


Mauro Brandoli

Key Accout Progea srl

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