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Why do System Integrators choose to use Progea’s Movicon.NExT SCADA solution?

24 September 2018

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Why do System Integrators choose Progea’s Movicon.NExT?

In response to the previous article’s success, where I put myself in the shoes of an entrepreneur looking for the best SCADA to supervise their production plant, I will now put myself in the shoes of a System Integrator who needs to choose which platform is the most cost effective for their company to use.

If I were a System Integrator what would I ask myself?

– I’ve always used this SCADA up till now –
– I’ve been using this platform for ten years –
– Why should I risk using another system? –

And now the big question is: “Would I profit from this?”.

These are all very reasonable objections.

Let’s see how I would respond …

Having always kept to the same SCADA does not mean we chose it because it was the best or least expensive on the market. We know it well and have been using it for many years. It doesn’t take long to develop our projects with it. We are used to it. It has become our comfort zone from which we find hard and too much of an effort to leave.


I too found it very hard to adjust to change when I abandoned my Nokia 3310 for a Smartphone. My Nokia was still working reasonably well. Why change it?
Abandoning one technology we’re used to, even though a little outdated, for a completely different one that is nonetheless more advanced, is certainly demanding if not scary.

The determining advantages offered by new technology

The advantages of changing technology are only appreciated when knowing all the features and having learnt how to use them well. Back then, I wasn’t very convinced of putting my Nokia aside but now I’m glad I did as we all know what can be done with a Smartphone.

So when we say ‘I’ve always used this platform’, we are really retaliating against modern technology and the great advantages it offers. A platform such as Movicon.NExT is the latest generation of SCADA, completely rewritten, easy to use and cost-effective. It’s a little bit like the Nokia and Smartphone scenario. A platform for future-oriented projects.

Let’s talk with builders

The new platform made by Progea has been completely developed in their Head Quarters in Modena, North Italy. Therefore, those who need Training and Technical Support can speak directly with the developers instead of a call center as usually is the case. This is a huge advantage and a guarantee that if any problems should occur, they will be dealt with and remedied as quickly as possible. Those who are ready to use Movicon.NExT (and finally abandon old technology) will receive ad hoc product training and other specific training courses as needed which are held by technician who developed the actual platform.


Progea cares about those who have chosen them as a partner. They believe that the Customer Care services they provide, such as Consultancy, Training and Technical Support, contribute as part of the key to success. Therefore, those who use the Progea products will never feel alone.

An intuitive and feature-packed development environment

The new SCADA also comes with a redesigned development environment. This new design is based on the most recent ergonomics studies to offer greater simplicity and intuitivity that is continuously evolving with a multitude of functions to make project design engineering much quicker than ever before.


The development environment (setup) is downloadable free from the Progea website. It can also be purchased together with other services such as personalized training courses and hourly technical help support. Therefore, if you wish to start to develop a project, you can do so immediately without having to spend a thingIf you decide to purchase the development software, you just make a one-shot payment without monthly or yearly license fees unlike most do.

By using the development environment, you can also create any type of project from simple HMI to supervision projects covering a diverse number of production lines or production plants.

What you get is an all-in-one development environment for all types of projects.

I’m sure that System Integrators will find this quite pleasing, right?

Let’s summarize what we have just said:

• SCADA of the latest generation
• 5 Star Training and Support (exempt from policy reference)
• All-in-one development environment for any type of project
• Zero initial costs
• One-shot payment for development environment without fees

If you’re still not convinced there’s more.

One all-inclusive scalable and modular SCADA that saves you time and money

I have already given some good reasons why you should start using the Progea SCADA for free. Here are some more important ones.
The Progea licensing policy advocates for platform flexible and modularity. Licenses are scalable starting from 50 tags to 100,000 tags and more in size. Design engineers who do not need all the functions
available in the SCADA to develop their projects can obtain the ones they do need by purchasing a tailor-made license according to the type or project being created.


You can start with a basic runtime license and then add other functions, modules and increase the number of tags you wish to use in your projects later on when needed. This will allow you to spend less at the beginning leaving you to decide whether you need to spend more on additional functions or tags when needed.
We won’t talk about prices here. Contact our Sales offices for prices and to personally verify what I have written in this article or email a request to sales department, where Serena and Silvia will get back to you with all the information you need as soon as possible.

Progea is making progress

Progea is an Italian company with Head Quarters in Modena. It is here where they software is developed and it is here where all the decision making is done. There is also a Progea International for the European and Asian markets and a Progea GMBH who deal with the German and Austrian markets. We also have a Progea USA.
Progea went into operation 27 years ago and has since sold more than 130,000 licenses worldwide.
We are growing day by day even though most our competitors are multinationals and more famous than us. However, this hasn’t stopped the exponential interest in the market for our products and we at Progea are very proud to be representing Italian technology in the evermore complex world of SCADA.
Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information at Mauro Brandoli. 

Mauro Brandoli

Key Accout Progea srl

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