Sending SMS through Movicon

Sending SMS through Movicon

  • 8 luglio 2003 alle 11:48 am #19491

    Dear Sir, I am trying to send SMS message through Movicon but I am facing problems in configuring.First of all I am enabling the send SMS message in TAPI properties of alarm threshold.Secondly I am configuring properties of SMS in settings menu.i am adding a new service provider and I am entering the service provider no as 9845087001(our local service provider) andPassword field I am leaving blank. Next in the SMS box I am entering all the requisite information.Different errors which I am getting are as follows.First Error-Runtime Error 9,Subscript out of Range.Second Error- The second error which I am getting is this: The callee(server(not server application)) is not available and disappeared.All connections are invalid.The call may have executed.Lastly I am getting error.title-Visual C++ .Movicon.exe has generated errors and the application will close down.
    Please explain us in detail what is meant by these errors and how we will rectify these errors and further what settigs we have to made in different fields in order to be able to send messages using SMS in Movicon

  • 9 luglio 2003 alle 7:12 pm #19492
    Support Team

    I suppose that your problem is that you have not configured well your new service provider because if you try with another service provider (example BT Cellnet UK or Telstra Australia) theSMS work fine.
    Unfortunately, many service providers are not reliable so is better to usea GSM modem to send SMS. Progea sells a GSM modem, see the web link:

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