Real Time ODBC Settings using MySQL

Real Time ODBC Settings using MySQL

  • 13 gennaio 2007 alle 4:11 am #19757

    Hello, I have some problems with Real time ODBC settings using MySQL.I change DSN to a MySQL Connection and test this DSN connection all work good.Then I add a new WORD 16 BITS variable VAR00001, and enable a Real Time ODBC Settings and run the project. The project crash with the fallowing Windows error: Monitoring Vision Control Application for win32 has detected a problem and must shutdown. Memory can be read.
    In other hand, I try to use GRID control to read variables from MySQL and sent me the same error.
    However, Data loggers, alarms, events, recipes, and Trace work fine with MYSQL, can any body can help me to resolve this problem?

  • 16 gennaio 2007 alle 12:10 pm #19758

    MySQL, usually, needs that you specify the user (in the Real Time DB settings). So, you have to define a Movicon User with the same name of a MySQL user that has privilege on the database that you want to use (Administrator provilege, if you want to create tables and so on). Set the password of this user to the same password of the mySQL user. Put this user name in the User property of the Real Time DB.This should be enough.
    good luck!Bye

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