Communication Drivers – Modbus Serial Settings

Communication Drivers – Modbus Serial Settings

  • 12 marzo 2013 alle 12:56 pm #21022

    I need to connect my PC (Movicon) to a data acquisition unit (EDAM-5015) through Modbus Serial Protocol. I can establish the connection during 1 or 2 days, but then the communication stops, Movicon gives me the error ‘Rx Timeout’.

    These are my settings:

    General settings:

    Station Settings:

    If anyone can give me the settings file, for me to see the optimal settings I’ll appreciate.

    Best regards,

    Cristiano Silva

  • 21 marzo 2013 alle 5:35 pm #21023

    Dear Cristiano,

    your Driver’s General properties have strange values. Try to resume the default settings and change only the:
    Polling Time = 0
    Unused Polling Time = 0
    Error Polling Time = 0


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