min and max functions in reports

min and max functions in reports

  • 14 marzo 2013 alle 8:37 pm #21045

    Hello everybody !

    i want to do simple things in report, but …
    i have db, table, rows, columns, data etc , for example let`s take column_A and column_B
    i want to have 3 fields, 
    x = max(column_A) and y = min(column_B) and z = x – y 

    in short i want subtract result ( ( max(column_A) – min(column_B) ) and put in another field (number 3). I hope you all understand my wishes :)

    As far i known with calculated fields it cannot be done, because of syntax ? Because can`t subtract calculatedfield1-calculatedfield2 , and calculatedfield even can not show max and min values

    Best Regards.

    Thanks in advance.

  • 21 marzo 2013 alle 5:46 pm #21046


    only way to do this is using Script code in the Report (in C#, but I never used it) or manage the value from VB Script of Movicon and pass the result to the report as parameter.


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