connection to the Siemens S7-1200

connection to the Siemens S7-1200

  • 25 maggio 2011 alle 2:15 pm #21505

    Does anyone has connected to the S7-1200 over TCP/IP using SiemensTCP.dll? If so, whether he could show you how to set up ‘station properties’?

  • 9 giugno 2011 alle 2:12 pm #21506

    Hi, you should need only the correct TSAP for the PLC. Left the ‘S7-200’ parameter to false.The problem is that Movicon driver doesn’t suport symbolic addressing. In the plc you have to enable the numeric addressing and get the old style address of the variable, in order to communicate.

  • 10 aprile 2012 alle 11:21 am #21507

    Dear  jankowski,
                                      1.  you have  to select the driver——–S7TCP
                                       2. Station Property have set it TCPIP setting only their Server address—Example:

    this IP should be on you s71200 IP  …….. no think will be required…  


  • 10 aprile 2012 alle 11:48 am #21508

    Dear Sir,

    you can connect S7-1200 PLC CPU to Movicon using the driver S7TCP.dll (set for S7 300 and not for S7 200 in its station settings).

    In order to this you have to respect the following instructions:

    Using the programming software of Siemens S7-1200, when you create a new DB, you have to uncheck the ‘Symbolic access only’ checkbox in that window. This will allow you to have the absolute address of the individual members of the DB.

    NOTE: If you don’t uncheck this property you cannot address the variables from Movicon driver!

    After you add a database (eg DB1) without the ‘Symbolic Access Only’, you will see the column ‘offset’ in the editor of the DB whose value represents the absolute address of each individual member. This address will be used in the driver Movicon to point to the members of the DB (eg DB1.DBB0).

    In the S7 Movicon driver configuration you must be careful to set the values ​​of the right Device ID, Rack and Slot. In the general settings of the driver you will have to insert the values ​​of the remote TSAP set in the PLC. The default value should be 16 (10 hex).

    In the settings of the driver of the station you will have to insert the values ​​of the local TSAP set in the PLC. The default value should be 1 (1 hex).

    Best regards,

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