Communication Error Between server and PLC using Tia symbolic

Communication Error Between server and PLC using Tia symbolic

  • 4 settembre 2019 alle 11:02 am #34374


    I’m getting the following error that can be found in the Log and database:
    03-09-2019 00:02:49 Com. Driver : Communication error : station b10, error Error code returned by library AGLink40: fff50004 REF.: 1690 CS7TIASymbolicStation::OnReadData
    03-09-2019 00:02:59 Com. Driver : Communication established : station b10

    There are any way the find the object that is causing this problem. Maybe there are object with wrong addresses that i need to find.

    Can anyone help me?

    With best regards,
    Tiago Matias

  • 5 settembre 2019 alle 5:33 pm #34392

    Hi Tiago
    Did you disconnect from the PLC, then these errors appeared? That would make sense why the path to the tags was lost/not found. Are you still getting these errors after PLC is reconnected?

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    These erros appear and the PLC is connected. Is seams that are a wrong path to some tag and I need to identify it. There are any way to find the variable that is causing thins problem?

    With best regards,
    Tiago Matias

  • 6 settembre 2019 alle 5:05 pm #34404
    Amministratore del forum

    Hi Tiago ,
    What version of the driver are you using?
    Have you tested the last version available on this web site?
    That error message does not seem to me to be related to a specific task and therefore to a specific variable.

    I can suggest to update at the last driver version available
    How update the driver?

    the zip you download from the website contains 3 files

    . S7TIASymbolic.dll
    . S7TIASymbolic.chm (the help with all the necessary informations)
    . AGLink40.dll

    The first two files (“S7TIASymbolic.dll” and “S7TIASymbolic.chm”) can be pasted, overwriting existing files, within the folder DRIVERS located within the Movicon installation path like:

    “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Progea \ Movicon11.x \ Drivers \”

    The third file (“AGLink40.dll”) must be pasted (always overwritten) in the Movicon installation folder like:

    “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Progea \ Movicon11.x \”

    let me know if you solve in this way

    Best Regards

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