Concurrent Alarms / Help

Concurrent Alarms / Help

  • 24 novembre 2017 alle 8:28 am #25771

    The question I have relates to alarms retrieved from the robot using the Yaskawa communication drivers as supplied by you in the robotercontroldemo example.

    So I have set up an Alarm called “robot alarm” with the alarm variable being the “status:alarming” variable. For the threshold, the activation value is 1 and the alarm text is ” %(Alarm:Name) ” from the “Alarm” structure variable .
    This setup works well with the alarm window object WHEN there is only one alarm coming from the robot. But often there is more than one concurrent alarm coming from the robot. If I increase/decrease the variable “AlarmOffset” I am able to view the other alarm details. But every time I change the offset, the previous alarm details are overwritten in the alarm window (and alarm log). The result is that I can only read and record one alarm, when in fact I need to record three or more.

    The one thing I tried, but it doesn’t work reliably is this: I made three separate alarms, with the same alarm variable and alarm text as above, but under “commands when Alarm ON” , I set the first alarm to set the offset to 0 and then set/reset “alarmcondiitonalvariable”, then on the next alarm I set a delay of 1000ms before setting the offset to 1 and set/reset “alarmconditonalvariable”, finally on the third alarm I set a delay of 2000ms before setting offset to 2 and set/reset “alarmconditonalvariable”.
    The problem with this approach is that it only works sometimes, very often all three alarms show the same details (of the last alarm offset, i.e. offset 2). The second problem, is that if there is only one alarm, then two blank alarms are still created, which makes the alarm history log messy. Another problem is that it only can read three alarms, if there were 5 concurrent alarms I would need to do the above 5 times, which would result in many blank alarms. Either way, it doesn’t work predictably , so I need a more robust solution.

    One variable which works nicely (but is not a alarm, but perhaps something similar could work) are the “plural” variables , such as PluralByteVar01, PluralByteVar02, etc. These variables can relieve multiple variables with only one click of “PluralByteCondtionalVariable”, but each variable is independent from each other, not like the “alarm” structure variables. I almost need a “PluralAlarm” variable.

    Finally one more detail I need help with is: I want to include the “Alarm:Code” details in the Alarm text or description. Up until now I have only been able to set the alarm text to “%(alarm:name)” and the description as the name of the alarm threshold . Is there any way to append the code to the alarm log and alarm window? I have tried adding the ” | ” between the alarm texts e.g. %(Alarm:Name)|%(Alarm:Code), but this doesn’t work.

  • 21 dicembre 2017 alle 9:48 am #25819
    Amministratore del forum

    Hello Dguaman,
    considering the specificity of your request that refers to non-public demo project, we kindly ask you to forward your request to [email protected]

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