Connessione Movicon Next ed S7-200

Connessione Movicon Next ed S7-200

  • 4 gennaio 2020 alle 10:31 am #35291
    Carlo Donofrio

    Buongiorno, avrei necessità di leggere i dati da un PLC S7-200 con modulo ethernet CP234-1. Qualcuno sa darmi delle delucidazioni sulle impostazioni di comunicazione?

  • 8 gennaio 2020 alle 9:12 am #35307

    Hi Carlo,
    … quite old PLC; If it is an ethernet connection and the PLC implement the ISO over TCP protocol you can run some tests with the Siemens S7 TCP Driver.

    Then the various TSAP settings depends on your real “field” configuration.

    You have to define in the driver at least a channel and a station

    In the channel you have to define the Host Name and port according to the PLC IP settings

    In the station you have to set Device ID, Rack, and Slot

    The parameters Device ID, Rack, and Slot are the three parts of the so called TSAP (Transport Service Access Point), assigned to the PLC (the server).

    The Slot parameter must be set to the slot number of the PLC card.

    You should get these TSAP parameters parameters from the Siemens tool.

    For example, if the TSAP of the PLC is 10.02, the following values must be set for the station parameters:

    Device ID = 16 (= 10 Hex.)

    Rack = 0

    Slot = 2


  • 8 gennaio 2020 alle 11:17 am #35323
    Carlo Donofrio

    Hi David,
    I need to transfer you I file with explanation. How I can do it?

  • 10 gennaio 2020 alle 11:53 am #35338
    Amministratore del forum

    Hi Carlo,
    Here on the forum it is not possible to transfer directly a file.
    Given the specificity of the request I kindly ask you to open a ticket in the support section on this web site in order to send via mail all the necessary material.
    A Progea technical specialist will follow your problem.
    Best Regards

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  • 12 gennaio 2020 alle 10:08 am #35345

    I used S7-200 smart PLC to test that I, Q, m and other physical addresses can operate normally and read data information, but VB, VW, VD and other address spaces can not read data, but the address can confirm input.

    Read the driver manual is not supported S7-200 series PLC.

  • 16 gennaio 2020 alle 10:57 am #35416

    Hi Wangrenzhim
    Have you did progresses with the TSAP settings? Maybe sniffing the traffic with a tool like wireshark you can learn more about the settings.
    Unfortunately, the S7-200 PLC is a very old PLC, I don’t think tests are being carried out on products that have been out of production from many years.
    I can suggest at least a test with Movicon 11 where there is the suitable driver (I saw on the help some instructions to interface the S7-200) this in order to review the settings.

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