Fattori Moltiplicativi Ricette

Fattori Moltiplicativi Ricette

  • 6 aprile 2017 alle 4:44 pm #22759

    Buongiorno, qualcuno sa su ProLean, che significato hanno i fattori moltiplicativi nelle ricette?

  • 7 aprile 2017 alle 10:15 am #22761

    A recipe represents the transformation, in terms of units produced, between the input and the output of a productive resource. So it could be necessary to define, in terms of basic units of measure, how many pieces enter and how many exit. The multiplicative factors is designed to offer the capability to multiplicate the physical counts for the pieces produced by the machine. For example, one pieces block enter, and with a specific recipe, the block is worked and divided in 4 pieces. So, the exit can be multiplicated by 4.

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