How to do OEE on MoviconCE ?

How to do OEE on MoviconCE ?

  • 28 maggio 2019 alle 6:56 am #32474

    Hi you,
    I have a HMI installed MoviconCE solution,
    Now, I want calculate OEE and supervisor on HMI as same as Prolean run on Scada WorkStation.
    How to do this ? Have you any solution ?

  • 29 maggio 2019 alle 2:20 pm #32592

    Hi MHAT,
    This is a very strange request my friend!
    Calculate the OEEs on a Windows CE panel?
    Ok the cheap is always important but are you sure you select the correct target?
    I used several panels with Win CE in my applications\production lines but I always dedicate a PC that acts as a server for OEE calculations.
    The fulcrum is the data in an SQL and you can’t do it on a CE panel!

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