Tag status for connection to database table (SQL) – Server Runtime

Tag status for connection to database table (SQL) – Server Runtime

  • 3 gennaio 2018 alle 12:55 pm #25843
    Edison Brustolin Jr.

    It’s our first job with movicon next.
    We need to create an alarm for the connection to the Historical and datalogger tables in the database.
    Is there any status tag for connections made by prototypes (historical and datalogger)? One status Tag for each table?
    We’ve had problems: the historical prototypes record in the database and the dataloggers did not record.

  • 8 gennaio 2018 alle 4:22 pm #25869

    Hi Edison,
    I think you can use a system tag.
    For instance, If you start the I/O Data Server (only the I/O data Server without the client graphic), it will show in the bottom part of the environment a tree structure with all the server variables (project tags + system tags).
    I think you could use the I/O server > SystemTags> EventLogger > FailsEntries Pending
    These variables are “browsable” also from the “client” resources if you keep started and in running the I/O data server while editing the graphical client

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    Edison Brustolin Jr.


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