Transfer values to php

Transfer values to php

  • 5 ottobre 2019 alle 5:15 pm #34657

    I would like to know if via scipt it is possible to send certain tags to a php page

    Vorrei sapere se tramite scipt è possibile inviare determinate tag a un pagina php

  • 10 ottobre 2019 alle 10:28 am #34674

    Hi Giogio,
    I don’t have great experience on this stuff.

    Maybe using the standard System.IO and System.NET classes, it is possible to invoke some methods exposed by WebServices, always depending on the protocol and the methods that this server exposes to the outside.

    a Sample of “GET” method using the HTTP protocol that i found on the web…

    ‘#Language “WWB.NET”
    Imports System
    Imports System.IO
    Imports System.Net

    Sub Main()

    Dim url As String

    url = “Indirizzo HTTP”

    Dim myWebRequest As httpWebRequest = WebRequest.Create(url)
    myWebRequest.Method = “GET”
    Dim myWebResponse As WebResponse = myWebRequest.GetResponse()

    End Sub

    Maybe there are other alternatives like OPC UA interfaces or specific libraries that you can reference in the Movicon script.
    Or put ad DB as a bridge interface.


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