Unused tags

Unused tags

  • 24 agosto 2019 alle 9:24 pm #34297

    I have imported tags from a AB CPU and it has imported about 1000 tags I only need about 10% of them is there a way to remove all unused tags.


  • 29 agosto 2019 alle 9:33 am #34333

    Hi Simon,
    Why You had imported all the tags?
    Normally I produce an LK5 file that contains only the variables that i need in the SCADA prj….
    A “Delete all unused tags”feature is not present.
    I think this because in Movicon 11 these tags could be used in different resources and contexts like the scripting, it could be problematic delete a tag that is used also in “hidden” resources.
    You could use the Movicon Cross Reference list, that can be applied to the project Variables (View > Open Cross References) and consents you to find out where a Variable is being used or not.

    The unused tags are shown by the “?” question mark.


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