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  • In risposta a: Basic Script to UML or FLOWCHART

    10 maggio 2012 alle 9:43 am #21547

    Hi Dinesh,

    I’m sure that there isn’t a specific command in Movicon, able to convert a Script in an any kind of Diagram.

    Anyway, this link could be interesting..

  • In risposta a: Read From Serial

    10 maggio 2012 alle 9:03 am #20688

    Hi Tremaine,

    in your case doesn’t miss the DO expression but an ‘End If’ after the DateDiff:

    If DateDiff(‘s’, LastMsg, Now) > COM_TIMEOUT Then   ‘Date difference in seconds between last msg and now
       Exit Do    ‘Transfers control out of the Do loop.
    End If

    Try in this way!

  • In risposta a: Read From Serial

    9 maggio 2012 alle 6:06 pm #20686

    Hi Tremaine,

    usually, the error -Unexpected text ‘Loop’-, is get when miss the ‘Do’ expression. So, first of all, you could verify that the syntax is correct, for example:

    Loop Until This.IsStopping OR IsInStoppingMode

    Another idea is that you used the expression in the wrong place. How is made your script?

  • In risposta a: Modbus TCP 64bit Register

    7 maggio 2012 alle 10:56 am #20721

    Hi Bruno,

    usually you can just create a ‘Double’ variable in Movicon and give this the correct Start Address (eg. SA=0, you will read from Address 0 to 3); anyway, is possible that you have to edit (setting ‘True’ or ‘False’) the Swap of the Byte or Word, because this configuration depends on the device.

  • In risposta a: AGlink40.dll error

    27 aprile 2012 alle 4:01 pm #20717

    Hi Degrave,

    ok, I remind that to activate the Driver list you must send an email to the Progea support team where you ask that and where you report the name of the user used to done the login in the website..

  • In risposta a: Import Siemens data structures with UDT

    27 aprile 2012 alle 3:16 pm #20719

    Hi Degrave,

    In Movicon are not supported structures of arrays and structures of structures.
    So when you try to import Structures and UDTs containing more complex data types such as arrays or other structures or UDT, it will be splitted into individual variables.

    For Example:
    TYPE UDT 1


         Var1 : BOOL;      

         Var2 : WORD;

         Var3 : INT;           

         Var4 : ARRAY  [0 .. 6 ] OF BYTE;       

         Var5 : INT;

         Var6 : BYTE;

      END_STRUCT ;     


    The importer will create a structure variable with its prototype made by members Var1, Var2, and var3 and three individual variables (outside the Structure) var4, and Var5 var6 respectively of type Array, Sign Word and Byte.

    I hope I explained all clearly!

  • In risposta a: AGlink40.dll error

    27 aprile 2012 alle 12:30 pm #20715

    Hi Degrave,

    I know that downloading the latest version of the Driver S7TCP.dll from Progea web site, into the S7TCP.zip file there is the library AGlink40.dll. This file must be copied in the installation folder of Movicon (where there is the Movicon.exe!!).

  • In risposta a: Variables in script

    20 aprile 2012 alle 4:12 pm #20608


    I usually use array variables in my Script with the syntax:  [Array.e#]

    But I know also these possibility:


    SetVariableValue(‘Array[#]’, 1)

    SetVariableValue(‘Array[‘ & IndexVar & ‘]’, 1)  (if you want to use it dynamically!)

    These methods work with an array variable defined in the Real Time DB.

    Else, if you want to use array variable defined only within the Script, you can use it in this way:

    Dim myArray() as Integer 

    Redim myArray(Num_Elements)  ‘Redimension a dynamic arrayvar

    myArray(5) = 100 ‘write on element n°5 the value 100

    End Sub

    Now I think you have all the information you need!