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  • In risposta a: Background images disappearing

    16 luglio 2019 alle 4:01 pm #34016

    Hi Denis,

    Check that the images are actually present in that location, maybe the project has been copied or moved to other folders.
    Run Movicon as Admin, verift if that folders have the correct access rights.

    Hope to be of help


  • In risposta a: add image in a screen

    16 luglio 2019 alle 3:56 pm #34014

    Hi Asgary,
    I try to help you 🙂
    -Toolbox, Basic shapes, rectangle
    -Background attributes , static images browse from here your image
    -Set image alignment , stretched.

    It shouldn’t be difficult,
    Usually I use the drag and drop on rectangles because they can be easily managed, resized ect


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  • In risposta a: Problem with language

    16 luglio 2019 alle 3:45 pm #34012

    Hi Asgary
    My tip is to contact/ask at the device vendor,
    this to get the correct fonts and to get the procedure to save them in the CE image of the device.
    ### means fonts not available on the device.


  • In risposta a: How to communicate with SIMATIC S7-1500?

    16 luglio 2019 alle 3:41 pm #34011

    Hi Ionut,
    The S7 TIA Symbolic is not for Win CE, because it uses some libraries that are not compatible with this operating system.

    You have to use the S7TCP driver that implement the ISO over TCP protocol .
    Refer at the driver help , hardware information, there is a specific topic called “PLC Siemens S7-1500 Configuration”.
    I found very interesting information here!

    In particular remember to configure:

    -Permit access with the GET/PUT functionality when communicating with remote partners , put this flag.
    I had forget this the last time when I’ve tryed the connection. 🙂
    -Ensure that all the Data Blocks have absolute pointing (displayed in the offset column): do not check the option: “Optimized block access”.


  • In risposta a: VB script not working properly

    28 settembre 2018 alle 4:26 pm #28801

    Dear Chavan,
    if I well understood your problem , is that you have simply to enable the script resource property > Mode > UI Interface

    I paste here the extract from the help on line:

    UI Interface
    This setting allows you to add the user interface management to the basic script. You need to enable this property when using controls such as “MsgBox” or “Dialog Box” inside the Basic Script.
    The below listed WinWrap functions are not supported when the script’s “Use User interface” property is not activated and cause an error when the AppActivate ,AboutWinWrapBasic,Shell,ShowPopupMenu script code is being loaded.

    I hope this helps

    Best Regards

  • In risposta a: RFC Call from Movicon

    2 ottobre 2017 alle 10:27 am #25338
  • In risposta a: Importing metafile created from autocad drawing

    3 agosto 2017 alle 3:38 pm #25010

    Hi Amalesh , I know there was a little issue about the windows metafiles till to the release 11.5.1182 . I suggest to do a test with last version 11.5.1183 or try to import teh metafile in a rectangle object where you can “play” with the image resize.
    Maybe is a matter of size.

  • Maverick

    Hi Kenansatir
    If you are using the tool box object “Hour Selector” and you have 30 different schedulers resources , I think you could implement a small script and use the “Scheduler, HourSelectorCmdTarget Property”

    Here below an example that I saw on the Movicon 11 Help On-Line

    The help says : This property sets or returns the name of the Scheduler associated to the object.

    Dim objSelector As HourSelectorCmdTarget
    Public Sub Click()
    Debug.Print objSelector.Scheduler
    End Sub

    Public Sub SymbolLoading()

    Set objSelector = GetSynopticObject.GetSubObject(“HourSelector”).GetObjectInterface

    End Sub


    I hope this will help you…and can be the initial point for your developments

  • In risposta a: Expression Syntax

    25 aprile 2017 alle 10:10 am #23223

    Hello Robin,
    If you have an object (like a display for example) with a variable associated , let’s image a word variable , if you are using the ” Expression Code for input” field you can write here the syntax “.0”, “.1” , …. “.15” for pointing the single bit inside a tag.
    In addition, if we keep for example the display object for our tests, and we are not adding the bit syntax, but we click over the button […] we open the expression editor. We the small buttons on the right you can select a variable or a function and “add” to the expression (First field of the editor).
    The expression editor uses an “Excel syntax” type for expressions. From this editor, you can perform calculations on multiple variables, so it becomes a very interesting option.
    Keep in mind that you have to keep a tag associated to the object to allow the correct expression execution.
    A couple of examples :
    *1 if you put an expression like “= [x]+1 ” you add 1 in your display tag value.
    “[x]” is the syntax to use the variable associated in the object inside the expression.
    *2 “= [Variable1]+[Variable2]” you will show in the display the sum between the 2 variables values. Keep a variable ” Variable1″ associated to the display anyway to allow the correct expression execution.

  • In risposta a: Same Tag connected to different devices

    25 aprile 2017 alle 9:38 am #23221

    Yes, Connext like Movicon.NExT allows to use the “gateway” features, that means a single TAG can be linked at the same time to different devices, using different drivers.
    So, for example, you can address the VAR0001 tag to read a Siemens PLC value and the same VAR0001 tag is also addressed to write this value into, for example, an Allen Bradley PLc or whatever. So you can add more than one “physical I/O link” property to your Tag.
    Be careful because in case both link are defined as read/write, you can have some unpredictible behavior in case of changes from both at the same time (the last win). But normally, who use this feature is because needs a gateway: read form one to write to another.

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  • In risposta a: add image in a screen

    21 aprile 2017 alle 5:01 pm #23185

    Hello Dpedraza,
    The Images are uploaded automatically in the IMAGES folder of the project path in teh target device.
    First, you can check if the image is present in this folder.
    Second what is the format of the image? is it a JPG image?, if it is in another format (e.g. a TIF image) please try with a JPG.

  • In risposta a: String to date time format

    21 aprile 2017 alle 4:13 pm #23184

    Hello Mario, I think are necessary more info to answer your question, i suggest to contact the Progea support that usually answer very quickly.

  • In risposta a: Login User Name

    11 aprile 2017 alle 11:20 am #22942

    Hi David,
    The Login User Name information is available as system variable.
    For example if you add a display and you select the Item tag (tag explorer), in this windows that allows you to browse the tags , you can select the System variables > CurrentUser.

  • In risposta a: Meaning for Pro.Energy Charts in the Dashbord

    10 aprile 2017 alle 11:00 am #22842

    Please consider that the ProEnergy setup installed is not a demo project.
    I don’t know if you made the correct configuration from the wizard and if you have properly connected your meters . The chart in the dashboard takes the data directly from the Data Base and represents the graphical overview of the monitored consumptions.
    Please contact the Progea support if you need more information.

  • In risposta a: Pointing a single bit from a TAG

    10 aprile 2017 alle 10:32 am #22841

    Hello Brian,
    for example in a Display, you have first assign to the object the variable to be monitored (your word), then you have to open the object’s command tooltip and insert the “.0” syntax in “Input Expression Code:” field to read/write the tag’s 0 bit.
    “.1” for the bit 1 …and so on .
    For the alarms, by working in the I/O Data server resource, after created the Alarm Prototype, when you assign the alarm definition to your tag (your word) you can select in the “assign mode” Any tag bit, in this way it will generates multiple alarms, one for each bit of the variable.