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Work model

  • Progea adopts and promotes an international culture of innovation and quality, creativity and excellence in the development of increasingly innovative software technologies as well as in management, customer support, sales and services.
  • A highly motivated group managed by a just as highly motivated management offer an independent and flexible work model.
  • The headquarters and mother company reside in Modena, Italy. Their international headquarters are based in Balerna, Switzerland. Progea also has branches in Germany (VS-Villingen) and the United States (Appleton – Wisconsin).
  • Our team is friendly,flexible and highly motivated and oriented towards the everyday challenges of technological development. Challenges that demand close teamwork who welcome new ideas that constitute the basis of our innovation policy.

Job Vacancies

Your Mission:

  • Design engineer extensions and develop new functionalities and services for the Movicon platforms.
  • Develop graphical user interface from user’s perspective.
  • Manage all the aspects relating to developing code, testing and modular integration in the Progea products.
  • Communicate and coordinate workflow with team members including regular progress reports.
  • Think, work and act according to Progea’s  work model independently and in compliance to the R&D Manager’s guidelines.
Minimum Requirements:
  • At least 2 years’ experience in WPF, WCF, .NET technology, MS Visual Studio, C#, Silverlight.
  • Experience in developing rich Graphical User Interfaces using WPF and XAML.
  • Experience in dealing with debugs and code management.
  • Capacity to manage product code traceability techniques.
  • Capacity to be organised, motivated and handle multi-tasking.
  • Capacity to work part as a team and have interpersonal communication skills.
  • Speak and write Italian and English fluently.
  • Be flexible and able to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines
  • Tech Team, Offices at headquarters in Modena, Italy.

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Progea gladly welcomes all CVs and will contact those applicants most qualified for the next job vacancy.

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